Accessories for kayak fishing - anchoring, storage, nets, leashes and livewells  
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Hobie's new soft cooler bag has been designed for storing fish and keeping them cool. Shaped to accommodate rear storage well of all Hobie kayak models and is also a good fit in the PA12 bow (without hatch liner) and PA14 bow (with or without hatch liner).

SKU 72020087


hobie kayak anchor trolley kit

Anchor trolley kits are installed onto kayaks as a means to simplify anchor, drogue or stake out pole deployment. Kit includes everything required to install onto any Hobie kayak

SKU 72020073


Hobie Livewell V1

Hobie's original Live well is used as a live bait tank and was designed with kayak fisherman in mind. 

SKU 72020007


SLH Livewell kit

Kit containing the various parts required to build a SLH style kayak fishing Live well. No electronics = very reliable

SKU SLH Livewell Kit


Power Pole Micro & Spike

Includes Micro Driver Unit and 8.5ft Spike. This all-electric unit is extremely quiet and easy to use. It works with a ¾” spike to stop and anchor your boat or kayak at the push of a button. 


Waeco Cool Ice 41 litre box

Waeco Cool Ice cooler boxes are high quality coolers that are popular among kayak anglers for fish storage as well as for use as live wells. 

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Hobie h-crate

H-Crate has room for plenty of fishing gear, keeping it organized in one easy-to-reach space. It’s easily removable for transporting your tackle and gear and the H-Rail carrying handles are great mounting platforms for H-Rail accessories. If you travel, H-Crate assembles or breaks down in seconds

SKU 72020088


Hobie Livewell XL

The Hobie Livewell XL is larger than their original livewell, boasting a larger lid and more carrying capacity (up to 41 litres) and includes a couple of rod holders, 6V sealed gel cell battery as well as a removeable tank partition. 

SKU 72020072


Assault Kayak Hand Paddles are simple to use, featuring one-handed operation. These lightweight paddles are handy for quick paddling applications such as backing up while drifting into over hanging branches. Useful addition for pedal-based kayak fishing. Especially popular for tournament kayak fishing. 

SKU Assault-Hand-Paddle
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Hobie Rod Leash

Hobie's webbing Rod Leash is constructed out of high-grade tubular webbing with a bungee core.

SKU 74052001


Hobie fish lip grips

Hobie glow-in-the-dark floating fish lip grips are designed to handle fish safely and with minimal harm. Made from glow-in-the-dark plastic and includes elastic lanyard for securing to kayak while stowing and around wrist in use.

SKU 72020019


Yankee Kayak Fishing Net

Norstream Yankee Kayak Fishing Net. Features rubberized netting to prevent hook barbs getting caught up

SKU Yankee net


Hobie Drift Chute

The Hobie Drift Chute is a large cone shaped "para" chute deployed in the water to slow your drift in windy conditions. The design is such that it stays just under the water fully deployed. 

SKU 72020009


Power Pole Pro Angler Mount Kit

Attach a Power-Pole Micro to the stern of your Hobie Pro Angler kayak using the hardware and mounting plate that comes in this kit. Includes mount board and fitting hardware

SKU 72020176


Hobie gear keepers

Hobie retractable gear keepers in large and small sizes. Keep your equipment where you left it - safe and on-board attached to the Hobie Gear Keeper. Ideal for small gear such as pliers, lip grips, etc.

SKU Retractable-Gear-Keepers
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Hobie Anchor kit

1.5kg (3.5lb) pound folding grapnel anchor, storage bag (with snap clip) and 60 feet of tough polyester rope

SKU 80035A


SLH rigged grapnel anchors incorporate a 1.5kg grapnel anchor rigged with a snag-friendly method and 22 metres of 4mm 6plt rope. Includes sheaved leader for abrasion resistance, float and snap clip to allow for quick removal without losing the anchor. 

SKU 14


Colin's heavy duty rod leashes are hand-built by his army of trained monkeys deep in the bowels of the SLH manufacturing plant catacombs, constructed from hook barb friendly 4mm bungee securely attached to 316 stainless steel snap clips with nylon lanyards.

SKU Colin-Rod-Leash
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Hobie's Fish catch Bag is a seriously heavy duty storage bag intended for serious fish. Available in large and medium sizes

SKU 72020113


Watertight Plano tackle boxes with good seals and removable dividers. Very popular with kayak anglers. 3 sizes available

SKU Plano-Waterproof-Tackleboxes
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Power Pole Micro Anchor Motor

Motor to suit Power Pole Micro

SKU 72020084


Power Pole Micro Power Kit

Power up your Power-Pole Micro using this kit. Kit includes 12V battery, charger, battery holder, and all of the wire plugs, adapters and connectors.

SKU 72020076


Zoom LED cap light

Cap peak or pocket mount style LED flashlight

SKU Zoom Flashlight


Clamp Bracket for Micro Power Pole

Clamp Bracket for Micro Power Pole attaches to boat, transom, deck, gunwale, etc.


livewell battery

Replacement 6v Battery for Hobie Livewell and Livewell XL

SKU 72021001


Hobie h-crate

The Hobie H-Crate Soft Lid is designed to fit over the Hobie H-Crate. The vinyl cover has a large zipper opening to keep gear drier and protected from UV rays.

SKU 72020097


The Hobie Hawg Trough is a handy fish measuring device. Measures to 30 inches

SKU 72020067


The Lovig Kayak Fishing Drift Chute is a large cone shaped chute that is deployed in the water to slow your drift in windy conditions. It is slightly larger than most drift chutes used on kayaks and will provide better stopping power

SKU 161


This elasticized webbing rod leash features a stainless snap clip for attaching to hull at one end and a bungee loop with toggle for attaching to rod at the other, with a quick-release snap clip between them.

SKU 256


CWS Carry bag

The new C.W.S. Bag from Railblaza is a mesh bag designed to keep your gear tidy and easy to carry. It also offers the advantage of being able to wash the gear while still in the bag, and then hang out to dry.

SKU 02-4068-81


outback powerpole mount

Micro Power Pole Mounting kit for Hobie Outback

SKU 72020132


charger livewell

Replacement charger unit for Hobie Livewell and hobie Livewell XL

SKU 72021002


The Attwood pump as used in Hobie Livewells is a high-flow self-priming pump that is powered by a 6 volt battery. The Hobie Attwood Live Well Pump keeps your water storage oxygenated for your live bait

SKU 72021022


Measure rule decal for kayaks. Imperial (18") and metric (45cm)

SKU 84504301


Hobie Boomerang Snips are a convenient fishing line cutting tool incorporating a retractable lanyard

SKU 72020103


The small berley basket by Sea Dog is a reasonably compact berley pot that is virtue of that well suited to kayak fishing

SKU Sea-Dog-Small-Berley-Basket


The H-Crate Junior is a smaller version of the original H-Crate, incorporating all the same features from the original H-Crate into a smaller, 14" x 14" footprint. This allows you to carry extra cargo behind the seat of a kayak or on the deck of a SUP. The H-Crate Jr. attaches to the deck of Hobie watercraft via 4 heavy-duty straps, and keeps a slew of gear organized.

SKU 72020298


Replacement switch for Hobie Livewell

SKU 72021003


Replacement In-take tube assembly for Hobie livewells. 7" length

SKU 72021004


Obligatory 'brag mat' for measuring memorable fish

SKU Classic-Measure-Mat


Replacement female pump connector for Hobie Livewell

SKU 72021007


Hobie Livewell pump connector (male)

SKU 72021008


Replacement Downspout tube for Hobie livewell

SKU 72021020


Plano's gear box includes a water-resistant Dri-Loc™ Seal to keep supplies clean and dry. Ideal dry storage for phones, keys, wallets, safety gear and spares

SKU 11P131256


An Australian fishing guide written for kids. Authored by Hailey Paxevanos and co-authored by Fishing Australia TV show presenter Rob Paxevanos, this book covers all the basics such as knots, bait collecting, casting games, packing gear etc. But it’s more the way these topics are presented that makes it a winner.

SKU Kids-Fishing-Guide


The Hobie H-Crate Soft Lid Junior is designed to fit over the Hobie H-Crate Junior. The vinyl cover has a large zipper opening to keep gear drier and protected from UV rays.

SKU 72020297