Gill Xpel Tec Fishing Gloves


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XPEL Tec Fishing Gloves feature Gill’s exclusive XPEL fabric technology with high moisture, stain and UV resistance. Blood, slime and guts rinses straight off.

Gill Expel GLove Palm Grip

Gill’s plant-based XPEL® fabric treatment gives a fully water and stain repellent finish so water simply rolls off the fabric and stains such as oil, fish blood and guts are prevented. Perfect to wear in hot conditions, the lightweight technical fabric is quick drying and moisture wicking, while the built in 50+ UV protection will shield you from the sun. These are also ideal to wear over the top of ThermaDry Polypro Merino Possum Fingerless Gloves in winter. Not only will it help to trap in heat and minimize moisture seepage, these also will help protect the knitted merino / possum wool from being caught on hook barbs, and the textured palm adds a lot of extra grip. Also see: Gill Fishing XPEL Tec Hoodie