ThermaDry Polypro Merino Possum Fingerless Glove


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The ThermaDry Polypro Merino Possum Fingerless Glove are made in New Zealand by Weft out of Possum Fur, Merino Wool, Polypropolene and Elastane. Very high quality!

Merino Wool is combined with Possum Fur to retain warmth next to the skin (Possum fur is a hollow core fibre which doesn’t freeze in sub zero temperatures). Polyproplylene adds ‘wickability’ to draw the moisture to the exterior of the glove, as well as providing a hard wearing outer surface. Elastane to give the glove stretch and a firm fit to the hand. Woven together these materials conspire to provide a glove suitable for tougher outdoor environments and activities while retaining dexterity.

  • 22% Possum Fur
  • 32% Merino Wool
  • 32% Polypropylene
  • 14% Elastane