BerleyPro Jig Bucket 45mm


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BerleyPro Jig Bucket 45mm edition is just like the regular old style Jig Bucket, but now with a refined design based on several years of customer feedback . Easily installed onto various flat surfaces. Fits directly where Hobie kayak mesh pockets are installed

The BerleyPro Jig Bucket 45mm Edition adds tackle storage utility in your fishing kayak and helps to organize lures and jigheads. Easily mounted to any flat surface on the inner sides of kayaks or boat hulls. (6 stainless steel self-tapping screws provided). Handy for for storing tackle boxes, soft plastics, jig heads and more. The 45mm BerleyPro Jig Bucket feature two rows of hanging hooks lures and now have a drainage hole at the bottom for easy drainage. BerleyPro Jig Buckets use the same hole pattern as Hobie mesh pockets and are often used to replace them. Also see: Jig Bucket 25mm

Made in Australia from ABS plastic thermoformed and CNC machined


  • 295mm (11.6″) L x 105mm (4″) W x 45mm (1″) H