Nylon Cooper Anchor 1.5 Kg Black

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Nylon Cooper Anchors are the worlds best Nylon for Kayaks, Canoes, Jetskis and small boats. The 1.5kg anchor is best suited for large fishing kayaks used in relatively strong currents. Choose from standard (anchor only) or pre-rigged anchors suitable for kayak fishing

We introduced the 1.5kg Black Nylon Cooper Anchor to our range due to the popularity of the smaller 1kg Blue Nylon Cooper, which we’ve only had great feedback on. The larger 1.5kg variant will work well for anglers looking to anchor large fishing kayaks in reasonably stiff currents. Ideal for a Pro Angler or Hobie Island in Western Port Bay, for example.

Nylon Cooper anchors have become so popular in Australia due largely to the unique weighted tip design, which sets deep into the seabed. They are popular among kayak anglers due to their simplicity, nylon coating (reduces noise on-deck) and performance.

The Nylon Cooper Anchor is available to purchase on it’s own for customers willing and able to DIY rig it themselves, or as a pre-rigged kit, rigged with an SLH style ‘breakaway’ rig with cord, float and snap clip

Black Nylon Cooper Anchor RIgged Hobie Kayak SLH

Nylon Cooper Anchor 1.5 Kg Black Options:

  • Anchor Only, Part#
  • Pre-Rigged, Part#

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