Powertech 12.8V 18Ah Lithium Battery


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12.8V 18Ah Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Lithium Battery by Powertech

Powertech 12.8V 18Ah Lithium Battery

Our customers have used this battery to run large fish finder units, as well as Haswing Transom Mount and Cassette Kayak Motors.

The Powertech 12.8V 18Ah Lithium Battery can provide continuous current up to 18A. It consists of regular 32650 LiFePO4 cells and an internal battery management system to ensure all cells are uniformly charged and discharged, as well as providing short circuit, over current, and reverse polarity protection. This provides you with a higher degree of protection than a traditional lead acid battery. The internal BMS will also limit discharge and manage cut-off voltage, to further protect the internal cells.

Recommended Charger: Powertech 6v/12v 8-Step Battery Charger


  • Much lighter than Lead Acid and AGM Batteries
  • Robust LiFePO4 Cells
  • Excellent life span


  • Capacity: 18Ah
  • Service Life: 10yrs+
  • Cycle Life: 1500+ cycles (> 80% capacity retention)
  • Cut-Off Voltage: 10V approx.
  • Charge Type: Constant Current / Constant Voltage
  • Discharge Current: 18A
  • Internal Cells: 32650 LiFePO4
  • Output Terminals: M5 Bolt Down


  • Length: 180mm
  • Width: 80mm
  • Depth: 170mm
  • Weight: 2.76 kg

Road Transport only

Note: Lithium Batteries are classified as “Dangerous Goods” and cannot be shipped via air. Road Transport only – no Express Post options outside of Victoria, no international delivery