H-Rail H-Track DLX Upgrade Kit


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Hobie H-Rail H-Track Deluxe Upgrade Kit for 2019+ Hobie Outback Kayaks

Hobie Outback 2019+ H-Rail H-Track DLX Upgrade Kit

This kit can be used to replace the bungee cord in the rear of a 2019+ Outback to add a second set of Hobie H-Rails at the rear (to mirror the bow). No drill mounting makes this a really simple upgrade to make.

Hobie’s H-Rail with integrated track is 17.5” long, providing a multi-purpose mounting system that will accept track or H-Rail mounting systems.


  • H-Rail replaces bungee; yields more mounting options.
  • Installs in minutes; no drilling required.
  • T-Hook bungee ends slide into H-Track for securing tackle boxes.
  • Accepts H-Rail or track-mount accessories.


  • H-Rail Track DLX x 2
  • H-Rail Mount, Right x 2
  • H-Rail Mount, Left x 2
  • Cargo Hook x 4
  • Fitting instructions

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