H-Rail with Track


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Bolt on H-Rail with integrated gear track, as used in 2019+ Hobie Outback fishing kayaks. Using this kit you can add H-Rail and track mounting utility to your kayak.

Hobie Deluxe H-Rail with Track

Hobie Kayak H-Rail with Track

Currently the Hobie 2019+ Outback is the only kayak in the range that has a H-Rail with an integrated gear track, although our customers have expressed interest in adding the same mounting functionality to other fishing kayak models. Although Hobie themselves don’t offer these as a kit we figured that we could just break up some H-Rail H-Track DLX Upgrade Kits and take out the dodecagon rails and add H-Rail end caps and create our own kits.

This rail with work with any Hobie H-Rail mount accessory and the gear track will work with most track mounting t-bolts, including those from RAM, Railblaza & Scotty. Unlike most add-on H-Rails, this one is perfectly straight


  • Length: 41.5cm usable mounting length, total length 66cm
  • Total height: 6.5cm
  • Width of end cap base: 3.5cm

Note: Sold individually. Fitting hardware is not supplied. 1/4″ width bolts recommended for installation

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