Arc Pedal / Crank Assembly


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Replacement pedal & crank assembly for Hobie MD180 and MD180 KU MirageDrives. Left and right sides available, sold individually. Pedal Strap included. Drum bolt not included.

Hobie MD180 / MD180KU Arc Crank & Pedal Assembly

The MD180 / MD180KU Arc Crank & Pedal Assembly is compatible with MD180 Arc Drums, and are used on MD180 and MD180KU MirageDrives. For other MirageDrive types see: original Pedal & Crank Assy & GTKU Pedal Crank Assy


  • Left Arc Crank Assy, Part# 81510
  • Right Arc Crank Assy, Part# 81509

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