MirageDrive Drum Bolts

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Replacement drum bolts for Hobie MirageDrives. Connects pedal cranks to drums. Choose from original bolt for V1, V2 and GT MirageDrives, or newer style for MD180, MD180 KU and GTKU Drives.
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Hobie Miragedrive Drum Bolts

MirageDrive Drum Bolts Arc type

MirageDrive Drum Bolts Options:

  • Drum Bolt Original, Part# 81155001. Compatible with drives that use original square cranks (V1, V2 and GT)
  • Drum Bolt New, Part# 77800115. Compatible with newer drives (MD180, MD180 KU and GTKU)

Note: It is important to make sure the drum bolt is installed reasonably tightly, and this is especially true with drives that use the newer drum bolt, including GTKU and MD180 / MD180 KU drives (pictured above).

Tension the bolt so that the crank is flush against the length adjustment holes so that there is a moderate amount of friction to the fore and aft movement of the cranks. A loose screw could allow the crank to move away from the adjustment holes and possibly strip the outer plastic away between adjustment holes.