MirageDrive Spine V2/GT


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Replacement spines for Hobie MirageDrive. Fits all versions prior to MD180. Sold individually

Hobie MirageDrive Spine V2/GT

MirageDrive Spine V2 GT

Hobie MirageDrive V2 Spine replaces earlier version spines and is compatible with V1, V2 and original GT MirageDrives.

Note: this spine has a guide rod molded into it, which are used to help the user insert the MirageDrive into the drive well with the correct alignment. Some early model Hobie kayaks do not have a groove in the Miragewell for the guide rod to slide into. In these instances the simple work around is to remove the guide rods with a hacksaw. Contact us if you have any questions

  • Part# 81181001