V1 to GT MD Drum Upgrade Kit


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Upgrade your aging version 1 MirageDrive to the newer Glide Tech components

Hobie V1 to GT MirageDrive Drum Upgrade Kit

Hobie MirageDrive Glide Tech (GT) components feature roller bearings, which reduce friction on the sprocket, drum and idler shafts, are more efficient to pedal and perform optimally for longer.

Version 1 MirageDrive chains are no longer available, so if you need to replace chains on an old V1 drive, you are advised to upgrade to Glide Tech (GT) spec using this kit, as it comes with everything required to turn a V1 drive to GT.

Note, this kit does not come with GT sprockets. You can reuse V1 and V2 sprockets with this kit if they are still in reasonable condition. If in doubt, buy the sprockets as well (see related items below)

V1 to GT Upgrade Kit, Part# 81171002. Kit includes:

Watch this service guide which will help explain the process of replacing chains and drums

Hobie GT Miragedrive Service Guide