Nylock Nut 1/4 Inch



Replacement 1/4″ stainless steel nuts as used on MirageDrive chains and idler cables. If your MirageDrive chains and cables are becoming loose frequently it’s probably time to replace the nuts. Choose from standard or low-profile nuts

Hobie Miragedrive Chain / Idler Cable Nylock Nuts are available in two types – standard and low-profile. Either option should work on any MirageDrive chain type. Standard nuts were supplied on MirageDrives from V1, V2, original GT and are still used on newer Kick-Up GT drives. Low-profile nuts are supplied on MD180 / KU chains.

Some users will a standard nut and then put a low-profile one on top of that to lock it down securely.

  • Nylock nut, 1/4″ thread, standard height Part# 8050111
  • Nylock nut, 1/4″ thread, low-profile, Part# 8050101