MirageDrive Idler Cables

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Replacement Hobie MirageDrive Idler Cable supplied with Lock Nuts. Choose from Version 2 and V3 types

Hobie MirageDrive Idler Cables with Lock Nuts

Hobie Miragedrive chain thread v2

MirageDrive Idler cables help to distribute load evenly across all chains and cables. If your idler cable is looking rough it’s probably time to replace it. Note: it is important to get the tension on the idler cables correct, especially on MD180 type drives. See our article on MirageDrive chain & cable tension here

MirageDrive Idler cables are available in two types, version 2 and 3 (compatibility info below). V2 cables are identified by the flattened sides of the threaded ends (pictured above). V3 have fully rounded threaded ends. V3 cables can be installed on Miragedrives with V2 cables with a small modification

  • MirageDrive Idler Cable V2, – compatible with V2, GT, FlowFins (Eclipse), MD180 and original MD180 KU, Part# 81203
  • MirageDrive Idler Cable V3 – compatible with current GTKU and MD180KU MirageDrives, Part# 77800160

Idler Cables for Hobie MirageDrive