MD180 Spine Assembly V2


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Replacement spine and sprocket assembly for Hobie MirageDrive MD180, Version 2 (includes V2 booms and updated shifters)

Hobie MirageDrive MD180 Spine, Version 2

Version 2 of the MD180 Spine has the newer simpler boom system for fin masts and a thicker thread on the shifter tendons

Important Notes:

  • Recommended Lubricant: Hobie Multi-Lube
  • When installing chains and idler cable onto a new spine it is especially important to get the chain tension right. Please refer to this guide on MirageDrive chain tension
  • If you are upgrading from the original first production run MD180 Miragedrive it is likely that it has the earlier shifter tendons, and those tendons will not fit into the shifters installed on this drive. If that is the case you either need to purchase new shifter tendons kits (tendons are not available on their own, sorry), or find a work around, such as attaching lanyards to the shifters