MirageDrive Chains

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Genuine replacment MirageDrive chains for Hobie Kayaks. Choose from Version 2 (compatible with Version 2, GT and MD180 / MD180 KU MirageDrives) and MDGTKU

Hobie Kayak MirageDrive Chains

Miragedrive Chains

MirageDrive chains are a critical component and should be replaced if they are showing wear & tear, broken strands and heavy corrosion. Note: it is crucially important to set the chains at the appropriate tension (this is especially true of MD180 type drives). See our article on MirageDrive chain and cable tension here

MirageDrive Chain Version 2 – compatible with V2, GT, MD180 / MD180 KU, Part# 81202

MirageDrive Chain GT KU – compatible with GT KU Miragedrives and some MD180 KU drives, Part# 77800150


  • V1 chains are no longer available. If you need to replace chains on an older V1 drive, look at the Hobie V1-GT Drum upgrade kit to make it V2 chain compatible
  • MirageDrive Chains are not supplied with locking nuts. If you are replacing a chain that was getting loose (if it’s an old drive), it’s probably a good idea to replace the nuts as well, as the nylon lock may be worn out