MirageDrive Sprocket GT


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The new Glide Tech (GT) sprocket has replaced (and is fully compatible with) V2 sprockets, using a threaded brass insert that the fin masts screw into. GT sprockets are supplied with roller bearings

Hobie MirageDrive Sprocket GT

MirageDrive Glide Tech Sprockets are compatible with V2 and original GT MirageDrives. They can also be used on v1 MirageDrives, but only with V2 fin masts (v1 sprockets are no longer available).

These GT sprockets are not compatible with the newer GT KU MirageDrives. See GT KU Sprocket

Hobie MirageDrive Glide Tech Sprocket

  • Part# 81127001
  • Sold individually
  • Delrin Roller Bearings included

MirageDrive Sprocket GT Bearings