GT Kick-Up Spine Assembly


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Replacement Complete Spine assembly for Hobie Glide Tech (GT) Kick Up MirageDrives. Drums, Sprockets and Idler Pulley included

Hobie MirageDrive GT Kick-Up Complete Spine Assembly


  • 1 x GTKU Spine
  • 2 x GTKU Sprockets
  • 1 x Sprocket Shaft
  • 2 x GTKU Drums
  • 1 x Drum Shaft
  • 1 x Idler Pully
  • 1 x Idler Shaft

Notes: The drums supplied with the GT Kick-Up Spine Assembly are compatible with the GTKU Pedal / Crank Assembly (old style pedal cranks can be fitted, but only if you remove the leg-length adjustment components and replace it with a thru-bolt (which will result in a fixed leg length at whatever you position you set it at).

GTKU MirageDrive chain is recommended, but V2 MirageDrive chains can be used (vice-grip locking jaw pliers and 7/16 spanner required for installation)