Hobie Mirage Eclipse Dura

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Dua Stand Up Pedal boards are constructed with a full EVA deck for enhanced traction and comfort with added impact protection with EVA foam bow & stern bumpers and abrasion resistant tape wraps. Pedal-Powered by the Hobie Flow Fin MirageDrive for incredible propulsion performance

The enigmatic Hobie Mirage Eclipse is in a class of it’s own, which makes it hard to define. Lets just call it a stand-up pedal board! Equally suited for exercise as it is just having fun on the water, the Eclipse boards are easy and enjoyable to use. You’ll get a good work out from it if that’s what you’re looking for, but if you want to take it easy and just cruise the Eclipse boards are good for that to.

The Hobie Flow Fin MirageDrive (designed exclusively for the Eclipse) is built tough and will pedal along at impressive speeds with little to no technique (just step on and go… like a step machine, only fun). Steering is controlled by using calipers at your fingertips, which operate a kick-up rudder at the tail. The Eclipse boards are easy to assemble with minimal setup time. It’s simple enough to turn your Eclipse into a traditional SUP by removing the MirageDrive and handle bars.

There are two sizes available – 10.5 and 12′. The shorter model is a little more maneuverable (turns tighter) and the longer one is ever so slightly faster and marginally more stable (better for speedsters and larger users). Both sizes are available in Solar Yellow and Lunar Blue.

Hobie Eclipse Dura 10.5 Specifications

  • Length 10 ft 6 in / 3.23 cm
  • Width 35 in / 89 cm
  • Fitted Hull Weight 42 lbs / 19 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight 53 lbs / 24 kg
  • Bonus offer: Board Bag Included

Hobie Eclipse Dura Red Top Bottom

Hobie Eclipse Dura 12 Specifications

  • Length 12 ft / 366 cm
  • Width 36 in / 92 cm
  • Fitted Hull Weight 46 lbs / 21 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight 57 lbs / 26 kg
  • Bonus offer: Board Bag Included