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ZRay F2 Fury Pro Inflatable SUP – With all features of the smaller Fury 10-4 the 11′ Pro offers better tracking and glide performance and a higher carrying capacity, making it a better option if you want to carry a passenger or cargo

ZRAY F2 Fury Pro 11 Inflatable SUP

Zray Fury 11 iSUP

The ZRay F2 Fury Pro 11 is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board featuring a double chamber and full double skin construction. 11′ length makes it ideally suited for touring, exploration, fitness and adventure. This a great cruising board board for mid to larger sized people or anyone wanting to carry a dog or child.

ZRay’s Fury range of iSUPs are designed as touring boards that are a step up in durability, paddling performance and stability for extended stretches on the water. The longer nose shape combined with extra generous width and thickness means it floats higher with easier balance and glides longer between paddle strokes. The EVA foam deck is soft on the feet but grippy and has a rear kick pad for sharper turning. For on water storage there are two four point bungee straps, one up front and one on the rear. There are also plenty of general use attachment D-rings fitted down the sides that can also be used to fit a kayak back rest seat for sit down paddling.

The board is constructed of two individual chambers for rigidity and added safety. The second separate inner chamber holds half of the overall buoyancy. This added chamber features air pillars and side walls that enhance the boards overall stiffness for better on water performance. All Fury boards are also constructed of double laminated layers of PVC that again enhance stiffness but also overall durability of the board.

The two speed pump provided, makes manual inflation quicker and the reverse function allows you suck the last remaining air from the board so it will roll up tighter for storage. There is also an adapter fitting to allow the use of an air compressor for inflation. Also see optional 12v Inflation Pumps

Construction Features

DCS – Double Chamber Safety means the board has two individual air chambers for added safety overall board stiffness.
DRHD – Duplex Rigid Heavy Duty construction means the build is of heavy duty double layered laminated PVC drop stitch material with two layered thermal bonded side rails.

ZRAY F2 Fury Pro 11 Specifications

  • Length: 11′ / 335cm
  • Width: 33″ / 84cm
  • Thickness: 6″ / 15cm
  • Volume: 246L
  • Capacity: up to 142kg/313lbs
  • Fin: 2 fixed + 1 central fin
  • PSI Rating: 15
  • 1 Year Warranty

Package Includes

  • Dual Chamber Board
  • Paddle, Aluminium with Anti Twist Slot
  • Double Action Pump with deflate mode
  • Ankle Leash
  • Trolley Carry Bag with soft shoulder straps and roller wheels.
  • Pump Adapter for compressor connection

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