Custom Lynx Bixpy-Ready Rudder

The SLH Custom Lynx Bixpy-Ready Rudder mount has been designed and tested by SLH to facilitate a simple rudder blade mounted Bixpy motor on Hobie Lynx and i-Trek 9 model kayaks Our Custom Lynx Bixpy-Ready Rudder Lynx / iTrek 9 rudder adapter is interchangeable with your standard Lynx/iTrek9 rudder system. In fact it’s the same […]

Mail Orders Done Dirt Chimp

Colin came into the arms of SLH as a diversity hire and to be honest we weren’t quite sure what to do with him when he first arrived. He knows and loves Hobie kayaks, but he’s a bit too rough around the edges to be let loose among the customers. When we discovered his propensity […]