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Common parts and components across the range of Hobie kayaks - hatches, handles, paddles, rudders, seats, drain plugs, fittings and accessories

Add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks with the sail kit! Fits all current models of Hobie Mirage Kayaks. $529.00

Hobie twist hatches

Hobie kayak Twist & Seal hatches have a better seal than earlier types. The lid is hinged so you'll never lose it over the side and because they aren't a threaded style hatch, never seize up inconveniently.

SKU Twist-Seal-Hatch
* Size:

If you feel a need to add stability to your Hobie kayak, you will appreciate the sense of security afforded by the SideKick ama kit. Great for use when sailing, fishing, standing when sight-fishing, shooting photos! The SideKick ama kit is simple, light weight and effective! Free Shipping!

SKU Sidekick-Ama-Kit
* Colour:

Hobie have developed a furling accessory for standard kayak sails! This allows the same function as sail-furling on Islands. Simply furl (roll) the rail around the mast and un-furl when you are ready to sail. Safely rig and launch with the sail furled, un-furl when ready to sail. Furl or partially furl if the wind gets too strong, furl when returning to the beach / dock.

SKU 84517001

Hobie kayak rudder line kit

The Hobie rudder line replacement kit includes 4 Tubes with end caps & spectra lines installed, plus 30' of spare spectra line.

SKU 80020001

The new deeper gear bucket for Hobie kayaks is designed to fit inside the 8" Twist and Seal Hatch.

SKU 71704021

Snap clip for shock cord as used in the Hobie kayak rear storage well bungee cord

SKU 2101

Hobie hatch liners

Forward hatch liners were first introduced in the Pro Angler series and due to popular demand models were soon introduced to fit the Revo and Quest 11, Revo 13 and Outback kayaks.

SKU Hatch-Liner-Buckets
* Hatch liners:

Seats to suit Hobie paddle-powered kayaks (not suitable for Hobie Mirage pedal kayaks)

SKU 72402001

Replacement mesh cover for Hobie kayak molded pockets. Nylon and rubber mesh types available

SKU Mesh-Pockets
* Type:

The large twist and stow sailing rudder fits all Hobie Mirage kayak models that use the twist and stow rudder system.

SKU Large-Rudder-Blade
* Type:

Hobie quest rudder kit

Gain control and efficiency in wind or fast current with the Twist and Stow rudder for the Hobie Quest 11 and Quest 13 models.

SKU Quest-Rudder-Kit
* Version:

Hobie 2pce glass paddle

Hobie kayak paddle. Features fibreglass shaft with drip-rings included

Hobie mirage kayak seat

Seats to suit Hobie Miragedrive pedal-powered kayaks 

SKU Mirage-Backrest-Seat
* Version:

Hobie Vantage CT kayak seat

Complete Replacement Vantage CT Seat for 2015+ model Hobie MirageDrive kayaks

SKU 84507821

Hobie kayak screw-in fittings

Hobie's kayak deck fasteners allow you to customize your boat with the fasteners of your choice wherever a molded-in-thread is present on the kayak (each Hobie model has several positions available). 

SKU Kayak-deck-fittings
* Fittings:

New Hobie rudder pin

Rudder pins to suit Hobie kayaks and Island rudder systems. 

SKU Kayak-Rudder-Pins
* Version:

lowrance ready fitting hardware

Hardware required to fit a Lowrance Elite or Mark series transducer into a Hobie Mirage Lowrance Ready kayak

SKU Lowrance-ready-kit

Cradle for Hobie 8amp 12v battery as used for fish finders and Micro Power Poles. Can be cradled in 8" twist & stow hatches or mounted to sail mast receiver posts

SKU 72025007

Hobie’s new Rectangular Twist and Seal Hatch was designed tough for the Pro Angler series of boats and can also be installed on any 2014+ Hobie Outback and Compass models using this kit as well.

SKU 71707003

The Vantage Seat Accessory Bag provides storage utility for the backrest of the Vantage ST & CT seats.

SKU 72020117

Hobie i-comfort seat pad

The Mirage inflatable seat pad added adjustable comfort! Replaces the standard foam seat pad for the Hobie Mirage kayak seat. More plush to sit on and does not absorb water

SKU 72020028

Hobie hatch gear bucket

Add a drop-in gear bucket to your 8" Hobie Twist and Seal hatch.

SKU Gear Bucket
* Quantity:

twist and seal hatch

Rubber gaskets for sealing the inner rim of 6 and 8" Twist and Seal hatches, as used on Hobie kayaks

SKU Hatch-O-Ring-Seals
* Size:

Hobie drain plug large

Drain Plugs for Hobie Kayaks. Three types available

SKU Drain-Plugs
* Size:

Hobie Kayak Rigging Hardware Kit

Set of fasteners for rigging a kayak for fishing accessories. A custom selection of hardware chosen by the Hobie fishing experts. Includes stainless bolts, nuts, washers, well nuts and more.

SKU 72020300

Kayak Steering Handle Knob

Steering knob for Hobie kayak steering handles. Popular for use on Hobie Island and Pro Angler models

SKU 88991355

Hobie kayak bow handle

Bow and stern handle as used on all Hobie kayaks

SKU 76050001

Replacement foam gaskets for sealing Hobie kayak Twist 'n Seal hatches to the hull

SKU Round-Hatch-Gaskets
* Size:

Hobie paddle T-handle

Hobie's Paddle T handle suits all Hobie paddles, converting the 2-blade paddle into a single-blade canoe style paddle. 

SKU 74049001

Webbing handle with rubber grip for Hobie kayaks

SKU 71190001

Mast cleat

Hobie Mast Cleat, often used for securing mainsheet line on Hobie kayak sail kit

SKU 10730000

The pedal-bungee retaining hook is used to pull one of the Hobie Miragedrive pedal arms backward in order to retract the finns.

SKU 80012001

Hobie kayak scupper plugs

Replacement scupper plugs for Hobie kayaks

SKU 72012001

Hobie kayak steering handle

Old style steering handle for Hobie Miragedrive kayaks

SKU 81015001

Add sail power to Hobie inflatable pedal kayaks with the i-sail kit! 

Hobie Lowrance Ready cover plate

Replacement cover plate for Lowrance Ready Hobie Mirage kayaks 

SKU 86505601

Hobie kayak seat strap

Replacement strap with snap clip hook for Hobie kayak seats

SKU 81259001

Drip rings

Rubber drip rings for Hobie glass and aluminium paddles. Sold individually

SKU 74030002

padeye XL

Hobie's new XL Screw-in Padeye has a larger, more squared padeye and with a hole in the centre that allows the screw in fitting to double as a shock cord end

SKU 71125001

Hobie Lowrance Totalscan Ready Plate. Compatible with Lowrance TotalScan Transducers. Includes fitting hardware for transducer

SKU 72020207

Replacement Hobie paddle blades. Left and right blades sold individually

SKU Paddle-Blades
* Side:

316 Stainless steel grade padeye

SKU 71220001

Replacement control line or Hobie Mirage kayak rudder systems. 

SKU 81023001

Nylon padeye for hobie kayaks

Nylon padeye as used on Hobie kayaks, commonly used for attachment points for leashes

SKU 71110001

Hobie rudder twist and stow

Replacement Twist & Rudder Assembly as used on most Hobie Mirage kayaks. Standard and large rudder blade options available

SKU 81395001
* Size:

Replacement shock cord end as used on various early Hobie kayak models

SKU 72103001

self-tapping screw stainless

Self-tapping stainless steel screw as used to secure Hobie Twist & Seal hatches into hulls. 3/4" length

SKU 8031131

eyelet post

Eyelet Post, as used on all Hobie kayak models

SKU 41220001