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Successful racers have gone to super low profile systems on Hobie 16’s (6:1) and 18’s (7:1). This allows the sailors to achieve more mast rake for better pointing ability and reduced pitch pole tendency. 

SKU Harken-Block-Low-Profile
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Hobie Cat sail batten sets for H16, Wave, Bravo, Getaway & Wildcat catamarans

Mast step link kit to suit Hobie 14 and 16 Catamarans

SKU 21380001

Jibs sails for H14 Hobie Cat Catamarans, white & turquoise colours available

SKU H14-Jib-Sails
* Colour:

Main sails for Hobie Cat H16 Catamarans

SKU 20991088

Main and Jib sails for the Hobie Cat Getaway catamaran

SKU Getaway-Main/Jib Sails
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Ronstan Swivel Cam Cleat as used on Hobie 16 Catamarans

SKU Swivel-Cam-Cleat
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Shrouds (AKA sidestays) compatible Hobie Cat H16 and H17 catamarans

SKU 20792011

Standard Mast Bearing

Pack of 3 mast bearings to suit Hobie Wave, 14 and 16

SKU 11110005

Bring your Wave sailing up a level by adding a jib sail for more sail area (Jib adds 25 sq ft) for more speed and performance.

SKU Wave-Jib-Sails
* Colour:

Mast base to suit Hobie 14 Catamaran

SKU 10640011

Main Sails for H14 Hobie Cat Catamarans, white and coronado colours available

SKU H14-Main-Sails
* Colour:

Mast Step for Hobie Cat H14 & H16 Catamaran

SKU 20200011

Hobie Cat Jib Traveler Cars are designed for the integrated track crossbar on the Hobie 16 and has been standard equipment since late 2005.

SKU Jib-Traveler-Cars
* Side:

Mast base to suit Hobie Cat H16 Catamaran

SKU 20640011

Harken medium size blocks that work well for control line or jib sheeting lines. Accepts up to 5/16" line, 2000 pound load, 1 1/8" diameter sheave.

SKU Bullet-Blocks
* Block type:

H14 H16 Gooseneck

Gooseneck Assembly to suit Hobie 14 and Hobie 16 Catamarans

SKU 10770001

Batten pocket anti-chafe tape for H16 and H20 main

SKU 1491

Harken’s newest small blocks for control lines. Accepts up to 7/32" line, 900 pound load, 5/8" sheave diameter. Ultra light weight.

SKU Harken-Air-Blocks
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Release the batten tension whenever you store your sails as this will prolong the life of your sails. Luff caps and adjustable leach caps are made of high strength, ultraviolet tolerant Delrin®.

SKU Leach / Luff Caps
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Jib sails for Hobie Cat H16 Catamarans, 4 colours available

SKU H16-Jib-Sails
* Colour:

Harken cammatic cleats feature rounded jaws assure quick cleating and release action and smoother teeth mean longer life for your sheets.

SKU Harken-Cammatic-Cleat
* Cleat type:

Don’t get caught with your sails down! Extra strong, Rip Stop white tape for temporary on-the-spot repairs to torn sails, canvas, even foul weather gear. Keep a roll in your toolbox for emergencies.

SKU 1662

Air Flow Tels

Air Flow Tels provide a visual on wind flow direction and dynamics, making it easier to trim your sails for optimum performance.

SKU 334

Universal mounting plate for swivel cam cleats, compasses, drink holders, etc. High strength black Delrin® construction that is ultraviolet tolerant.

SKU 1162

Bullseye Fairlead 

SKU B323

We're having a clearance on some sailing gear. 90% of items on this list are at cost or below. Please contact us to inquire on postage/courier cost on items, or just drop in. All prices are each unless otherwise stated

shroud adjuster 10 hole 

Replacement 'sidestay' shroud adjusters for Hobie 14 and Hobie 16 Catamarans. Can be used for adjusting sidestays and forestays

SKU 20830020

Stainless steel twist toggle connects the shroud anchor pin and shroud adjuster on several models of HobieCat catamarans. 

SKU 20210000

Aussie forestay h16

'Aussie' Forestay for Hobie 16 Catamarans. Upper Forestay also available

SKU 20810031
* Options:

hobie furler kit

The Hobie Furler Tune Up Kit is compatible with the H14, H18

SKU 61900900

Original and later version Traveller Car Assemblies for H14 and H16 Hobie Catamarans

SKU Traveller-Car-Assembly
* Type:

The Trentec Gooseneck bearing kit eliminates drag and prevents gouging the gooseneck slide on Hobie 14 and Hobie 16 Catamaran luff track. Delivers a fantastic improvement in downhaul adjustability!

SKU 1511

H14 bridle

Black Bridle for H14 Catamarans

SKU 10822101

1/4" x 5/8" shroud anchor pin threads through the hole in the hull deck lip and into the shroud anchor bar or nut/plate.

SKU 20100000

H16 bridle

Black coated wire bridles to suit Hobie 16 catamaran

SKU 20822011

H16 anchor bar

Hobie factory replacement shroud anchor bar for Hobie 16 and 17.  

SKU 50101701

clevis pin

1/4x.578 stainless steel Clevis Pin, as used across various Hobie Cats in forestays, shrouds and other rigging

SKU 8020381

hobie bow tang

Replacement bow tang for Hobie 14, 16 or Getaway catamarans. 

SKU 20120000

H14 shroud

Black Shroud (AKA Sidestays) for Hobie 14 Catamarans

SKU 10792100

Shroud Adjuster Covers for Hobie Cat Catamarans. Sold as a pair

SKU 3261B

h16 halyard

H16 Main Halyard assembly for all aluminium (Non Comptip) mast

SKU 20651011