C-Tug R with SandTrakz Wheels


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The C-Tug R with SandTrakz wheels is the next evolution in Railblaza’s C-Tug kayak cart series. Using longer skids (with adjustable width) instead of pivoting cradles, the new C-Tug R will offer better support for a lot of kayak hulls, including Hobie kayaks

C-Tug R with SandTrakz Wheels

The original Railblaza C-Tug cart has carved a niche for itself in the wide world of kayak carts, partly due to it’s wide compatibility, durability and versatility, offering the ability to quickly and easily break down into individual components it can be more easily stored inside or on deck.

C-Tug R with SandTrakz Wheels

Building on the bestselling features of the C-Tug range, the C-Tug R features 20” hull rails that allow you to adjust your cart to the perfect position, to reduce your pulling load making it easier to get your canoe or kayak and gear to the destination. With adjustable width rails the C-Tug R fits a wider selection of hull profiles including pontoon hulls like that on the Hobie Pro Angler, Hobie Outback and more.


SandTrakz puncture free wheels mimic bulldozer and military tank tracks. The outer rim compresses when in use giving a longer track length. On soft sand, this reduces how hard you have to pull to move your cart by more than half compared to standard puncture free Kiwi Wheels!

C-Tug-R-SandTrakz Kayak Cart Pro Angler

The kickstand holds the cart in position while you load or unload your watercraft onto it. The design and functionality of the C-Tug R removes the need for an extra pair of hands or multiple trips carrying your gear, simply load it all in one go and just pull it!

C-Tug-R SandTrakz Kayak Cart Hobie Oasis


  • Fits inside most kayak hatches
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Puncture-free, high grip, rubber tread wheels
  • Non-slip rubber hull pads


  • 4.6kg (10lbs)
  • 180lbs (80kgs) static loading
  • Made of non-corrosive UV stabilized engineering grade polymers, and stainless steel reinforced axles
  • Part# 50-0014-71