Trax 2 Sand Wheel Cart


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The Hobie Trax 2 wheel cart features 24cm sand wheels and a heavy duty stainless steel frame. Compatible with all Hobie kayak models, best suited for light to medium weight models

Hobie Trax 2 Beach Sand Wheel Cart

Trax 2 Sand Wheel Cart

The Hobie Trax 2 sand wheel cart trolley uses low-pressure 24cm Wheel-Eez tires that roll well on both rough and hard terrain, and are especially good on sand.

This Trax 2 wheel cart version replaces the original style Trax cart with new style beach sand wheels, improved stronger frame with wider wheel base and has a higher weight carrying capacity. The Trax 2 cart is most often used on small to medium sized Hobie kayaks.

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  • Part# 80044101
  • Supplied with collar clamps and cotter pins

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