SLH Wheel Cart Retrieval Kit


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This simple kit allows for easy insertion of a Hobie wheel cart into a Hobie kayak. This is a modified version of a clever yet basic system of inserting Hobie wheel carts into kayaks.

The SLH Wheelcart Retrieval Kit is especially useful for owners of large and heavy kayaks such as the Pro Angler, Outback and Island series. Kit includes 7mm bungee cord with 3 x Stainless Steel Snap Clips as well as 2 screw-in padeyes, which are used to replace the wheel cart post end caps.


Padeye installation on cart frame

Replace end caps on wheelcart posts with the provided padeyes. Orientate the saddles perpendicular to the cart frame axle, as pictured (cart frame not included)



To use the wheel cart retrieval system, put the wheel cart on the ground next to the kayak. Then pick up the rear of the kayak, shift it across and then lay it down on top of the cart. Ideally you want the wheel cart positioned so that the cart frame posts are directly underneath the scupper holes. Then feed each tag end of the bungee assembly down each scupper tube. Secure each snap clip to the padeye saddles on the cart frame posts.

Use the hook the snap clip at the other end of the bungee assembly somewhere onto the deck of kayak so that the bungee line becomes taught. Lift up the stern of the kayak high enough so that the bungee cord retracts the wheel cart posts directly under and into the scupper holes.


Safety Tip: To minimize potential for injury in the event of a failure under load it is always best to hook the bungee cord somewhere forward of the deck. If the tension is coming from the rear and a snap clip / saddle is pulled off the cart post the bungee will launch them backwards, right where you’re standing.

Installation & Usage Guide:

SLH Hobie Wheel Cart Retrieval Kit

Pete Ritchie’s DIY Example Video:

Secret Trolley installation