Pro Angler Tuff Dollys

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The Tuff dolly is designed specifically for Hobie Pro Angler models. They are tougher than plug-in carts and better suited to larger heavier models. The Tuff dolly is optimal for use on solid surfaces, such as grass, dirt tracks and boat ramps. The extended handle makes it simple to insert or remove the dolly under the kayak and can be positioned under the hull for optimal weight distribution. Handle and wheels are easily removed for loading and storage.

Note: This product is supplied in two large boxes and is too large for Aus Post to handle. We have had to include a shipping & handling charge to cover courier costs

  • Hobie Tuff Dolly – PA12 / PA14 Tuff-Tire, Part# 80046101
  • Hobie Tuff Dolly – PA17 Tuff-Tire, Part# 80046102