BerleyPro Lynx Side Bro


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BerleyPro Lynx Side Bro adds convenient storage utility to the Hobie Lynx. Attaches securely to either side of the seat frame

BerleyPro Lynx Side Bro Tackle Storage Upgrade

The Hobie Lynx is just as light on built-in storage utility as it is in weight. Real estate is a premium on these kayaks, which makes the BerleyPro Side Bro a perfect storage solution, adding a Jig Bucket and Prison Pocket that attaches conveniently to either side of the seat frame

By popular demand Berleypro have made a Side Bro kit for the Hobie Lynx that makes it easy to organize fishing tools and tackle close at hand. One side is fitted with the deep prison pocket to allow for larger tackle boxes, leader spools, pliers, fish grips and scissors. On the opposite side there is a 25mm jig bucket to allow for soft plastics, hanging hooks, or just a general junk pocket for storing used lures while you are on the water.

BerleyPro Lynx Side Bro for Hobie Lynx Seat

BerleyPro Lynx Side Bro / Prison Pocket Kit includes two adapter plates that use the two screws that hold the seat together, and have a cable tie on the rear bar so this can be installed in minutes.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Adaptor plates
  • 1 x 25mm jig bucket
  • 1 x Prison pocket
  • 2 x Cable ties
  • Stainless steel fasteners