Haswing Electrolyta 20lb Hobie Cassette Motor


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The Haswing Electrolyta 20lb Hobie Cassette Motor is a lightweight, efficient, quiet and convenient electric motor designed to fit into the Miragewell of Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayaks

Electric motorized propulsion for your Hobie Mirage kayak is now even easier to obtain. Lighter and less expensive than the ElectroLite JW Watersnake Kayak Motor that SLH made famous, the Haswing Electrolyta 20lb motor offers similar performance with greater efficiency and less cost, noise and weight. It also boasts a smaller and sturdier head unit. Go further, for longer… with less!

Based upon the Haswing W-20 Electric trolling motor customized to our specified length and then installed into a Hobie cassette plug, these will drop straight into a Hobie Mirage well as a surrogate to the Miragedrive. The W20 motor is equipped with 2 forward and 2 reverse positions. Features a compact thanks to the collapsible tiller.

12v power source required. We recommend the FPV 50amp Lithium Battery due to its compact size, light weight (2.8kg), connectors and reliability. Note: The Haswing ElectroLyta comes with a 1.3 meter power cord fitted with ring terminals for quick attachment to your choice of battery, but if you order the FPV battery with the motor we will replace the terminals with the male / female 60ah connectors for plug and play compatibility with an FPV Lithium 50ah battery

FPV Power Battery Lead Adapters

Performance Notes

This motor has been tested in various Hobie kayaks with good results. After running some tests of our own (on a relatively flat water day with moderate winds), we concluded that on a Hobie Compass, running at full speed the Haswing Electrolyta 20lb will reach speeds of around 5.2 km per hour. It is reasonably safe to assume that Outbacks, Passports and Revolution models would generate similar results. Fitted to a Pro Angler 14 and running at full speed you’re looking at around 4.5 km per hour. So another way to guestimate performance would be to say that at high speeds you could expect performance equivalent to a steady cruising pedaling speed, only with a lot less effort

Usage Tip

If you are using the kayak in salt water it’s a good idea to try and minimize water splashing onto the head unit. We recommend placing a clear satchel (think large sandwich bag) to cover the head unit to act as a shower cap. These head units are not prone to leakage, but they are not fully waterproof and salt water may do damage if it finds a way in.

Haswing Electrolyta W20 Specifications

  • Model W20
  • Max Thrust 20Lbs
  • Max Voltage DC 12V
  • Prop Type 2 blade prop / 5.9inch diam
  • Pro Speed at Full Power: Max. 1200 rpm underwater
  • Max Boat Length & Load 3m
  • Steering Ratio 360 degree control
  • Power – Max 200W
  • Amp – Max 17A
  • Decibel Level (db) 55db
  • Shaft Type Cast Aluminium