MD180 ST Fin V2


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Replacement Square Top (ST) Fins for Hobie MirageDrive MD180 pedal systems, version 2.

Hobie Miragedrive MD180 ST Fin V2, Part# 81500002. Compatible with standard length masts on MD180 Miragedrive systems with a V2 boom.

V2 MD180 ST Fins were introduced in the latter stages of 2017, updating the MD180 drive fins with a simpler design (introducing a new fin and boom type), making them easier to install / uninstall. If you have a V1 MD180 drive with the original V1 boom, you can either upgrade to the V2 system with a MD180 V2 Boom / Mast & Fin kit, or otherwise purchase V1 MD180 ST fins

MD180 ST Fins are not compatible with turbo masts. See MD180 ST Turbo Fins if you require the longer turbo fin type

  • Sold individually. Clevis pins and split rings not included