BerleyPro Brudder Compass Rudder Blade


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BerleyPro have crafted a high-performance heavy duty custom aluminium rudder blade for the Hobie Compass & Compass Duo fishing kayaks

BerleyPro Brudder Compass Rudder Blade

BerleyPro Aluminium Rudder Blade for Hobie Compass

So you’ve fitted the BerleyPro Custom Steering Handle onto your Compass and now it’s time to complete the picture with a BerleyPro Brudder! The BerleyPro “Brudder” is a custom rudder blade designed for the Hobie Compass kayak series, offering a larger and significantly stiffer surface area for improved steering performance. This will be a useful addition for any Compass kayak anglers using their kayaks in rougher and harsher conditions.

Built on BerleyPro’s CNC machines from solid blocks of aluminum and mixed with stainless steel components, the Brudder is very well designed and exceptional quality. So while it’s not in any way cheap, you’ll appreciate the quality and performance benefits long after you’ve forgotten the price.

The BerleyPro Brudder Compass Rudder Blade was designed with the whole shaft made from billet aluminum and machined water-slicing adapters to hold the drop-down rudder blade. The blade is made from aluminum and engineered with a spring to lock the rudder down when you need it. The spring has been beefed up from standard version and the blade drops deeper into the water to give you the added turning and tracking performance you’ve desired.

BerleyPro Brudder Compass Rudder Blade Features:

  • Increased straight line tracking performance
  • Reduced turning circle especially at low speeds
  • CNC machined aluminum blade to reduce flex
  • CNC machined aluminum shaft to reduce flex and change rudder pivot
  • 5 Axis CNC machined acetal side plates to slice through the water and hold the rudder blade
  • Marine anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Australian made by people who use their products
  • Compatible with both the Hobie Compass & Compass Duo
  • Works with Compass loader (see example below)

Berleypro Compass Rudder Retracted

BerleyPro Aluminium Brudder Compass Rudder Blade Comparison

Above: Standard Compass rudder blade on the left, BerleyPro Brudder on the right.

BerleyPro Brudder Blade Dimensions

  • 26cm Blade Length
  • 17cm Blade Width

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