BerleyPro Brudder Outback Rudder Blade


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Custom Rudder Blade for Hobie Outback 2019+ models. Australian made and built tough by BerleyPro

BerleyPro Brudder Outback Rudder Blade

Inspired by the success of the “Brudder” custom rudder blade for the Hobie Compass, BerleyPro have developed a Brudder for the Hobie Outback fishing kayak

The BerleyPro Brudder Outback Rudder Blade is made from CNC machined aluminum, which makes it much stiffer than the standard rudder blade Hobie Outbacks are supplied with. It is also longer and has a larger surface area, all of which translates to more responsive steering controls that is especially noticeable when the going gets rough. Here’s what BerleyPro have to say about the Outback Brudder:

BerleyPro redesigned the whole shaft to be made from billet aluminum and added machined adapters to hold the drop-down rudder blade. The blade is made from aluminum and engineered with a spring to lock the rudder down when you need it. The spring has been beefed up from standard and the rudder blade drops deeper into the water, providing enhanced turning and tracking performance

BerleyPro Brudder Outback Rudder Blade Features:

  • Increased straight line tracking performance
  • Reduced turning circle especially at low speeds
  • CNC machined aluminum blade to reduce flex
  • CNC machined aluminum shaft to reduce flex and change rudder pivot
  • 5 Axis CNC machined acetal side plates to slice through the water and hold the rudder blade
  • Marine anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Australian made

BerleyPro Brudder - Hobie Outback Rudder Upgrade