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Based on the huge success of the Compass, Hobie have followed up with the inevitable tandem model. The Hobie Compass Duo is now the most popular Hobie tandem fishing kayak in the range

Hobie Compass Duo Mirage Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak

The Hobie Compass Duo replaces the Outfitter model and offers more speed, stability, carrying capacity, better performance in choppy water and is a better kayak in every way. The Hobie Compass Duo instantly became our best selling tandem pedal kayak, offering the sweetest spot in terms of price, weight, features and performance.

With better all-round stability and carrying capacity than the Outfitter (which the Duo replaces) it’s hydrodynamic shape affords more efficiency that puts it on par with the Oasis, making it a perfect fit for our local Port Phillip and Western Port bays.

Hobie Compass Duo Fun

With a simpler and roomier deck layout, the Compass Duo inspires confidence for kayak anglers, which is one of the main reasons it is so popular. Raised deluxe seats offer all-day comfort and the gear tracks provide handy mounting utility for rod holders, fish finders and more.

With a generous rear storage well and copious carrying capacity at the rear you can load up the Compass Duo with confidence. Hobie’s inverted kick-up rudder system (also featured on Pro Anglers and Outbacks) is simple to use, robust and reliable and highly responsive.

Hobie Compass Duo Tandem Fishing Kayak

The Compass Duo is most often compared to the Oasis model, both of which offer a lot of the same benefits. However SLH almost always recommends the Duo for anyone serious about kayak fishing for several notable reasons.

The Duo is a little wider, which offers a higher degree of primary stability and it’s a little roomier on deck as well. It also provides more mounting utility, with gear tracks integrated either side in both seated positions.

The Duo also has a transducer scupper (whereas the Oasis doesn’t), so not only is installing a fish finder a little easier, you’re likely to get better performance out of it as well. The Duo also has a simpler rudder system which is virtually maintenance free.

SLH offers the Duo with 3 different configurations of MirageDrives. You can choose to go with dual Glide Tech Kick Up (MDGTKU) Drives.

The standard configuration comes with 1 x MDGTKU and 1 x MD180 drive. This configuration is ideal for most users, offering the reverse propulsion capability for one user, and a less expensive but equally efficient MDGTKU drive for the other.

If you think you’ll make good use of having 2 MD180 drives we offer this option as well. Read more about the MDGTKU & MD180 MirageDrive options here

Hobie Kick-Up MirageDrives

Hobie Compass Duo Specifications

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 13.5′ / 4.11 m
  • Width: 35″ / 0.89 m
  • Capacity: 475 lbs / 215.46 kg
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 92 lbs / 41.73 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 127 lbs / 57.61 kg
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • 3 Year Warranty

Hobie Compass Duo Features

  • 2 x Deluxe Seat
  • 4 x Gear Tracks
  • 4 x moulded rod holders
  • 1 x 2 Pce Paddle
  • Lowrance-Ready Transducer Scupper
  • Sail mast / bimini mount
  • Kick-up rudder
  • 2 x Miragedrive Cassettes
  • 1 x GT Kick Up MirageDrive & 1 x MD180 MirageDrive (*Standard Package)

*Note: The standard Compass Duo package is supplied with 1 x GTKU Drive and one MD180 KU Drive, which is a good way to go for a lot of users. However we also offer the Compass Duo with alternative configurations. If you are looking to save some money and or prefer the simplicity of the GTKU drives, you can order the Duo with 2 of those drives (and save around $450). Conversly, you also have the option to spec it up to a dual MD180 KU configuration as well.

Compass Duo - Tandem Pedal Kayak from Hobie


  • Click & Collect Pick Up Option available for Mornington Peninsula and Victorian residents
  • Delivery options available for Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and Southern NSW

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