Compass Drink Holder Fixer


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Short length of 5mm bungee cord with shock cord ends attached at each end and installation screws for making the Compass drink holder do it’s job more securely

Compass Drink Holder Fixer

Hobie COmpass Drink Holder Fixer SLH

So you’re a proud owner of a Hobie Compass / Compass Duo and you’ve quickly figured out that the molded drink holder kind of leaves a lot to be desired, doing a less than stellar job of keeping a bottle in place. It’s a small detail and there are several workarounds including Hobie’s own track-mounted drink holder) but leave it to SLH to create the simplest, least expensive and most versatile effective solution. We call it the Compass Drink Holder Fixer of Domination, and we are exceptionally proud of ourselves! It works with large-mouth style drink bottles (pictured below) but will also secure cans and smaller bottles

This little kit is so simple to install we don’t even need to provide instructions, when this simple photo will do the trick nicely