2021 Gift Ideas for Hobie Kayakers

What to buy for the Hobie kayaker who owns almost everything

If someone in your life owns and loves their Hobie kayak and you’re looking for gift ideas you’ve come to the right website. There’s such a plethora of parts and accessories for Hobie kayaks available that you may find it a little overwhelming scrolling through our pages looking for inspiration. In the following article we’ll bring your attention to some of the more popular ‘quality of life’ items that a lot of enthusiasts overlook when they get started. We’ll start by pointing out some of the most recently released products that they may not even know about.

One of the newest products in our range is also quickly becoming one of the most popular. Its hard to imagine too many Hobie users that wouldn’t appreciate the new Kayak Kushion. These can be used to enhance the comfort of either the seat or backrest (or both) of any deluxe style chair in Hobie Passports, Compass, the Vantage CT (Outback, Oasis, Outfitter, Sport, Revolution, Island series) and ST/XT Chair (Pro Anglers).

Hobie Kayak Kushion Firm fitted to Vantage Chair

Kayak Kushions aren’t just any old cushion – these are made from military grade materials that won’t rot or degrade with excessive use. Built with a firm porous cushion, they offer added comfort and do not hold water.

Hobie Vantage Seat Bag

Although the Vantage seat bags have been around for a couple of seasons now they are just as popular now as they were when they launched. Its hard to imagine anyone not finding a handy use for a bit of extra storage convenience, which is exactly what Vantage seat bags provide.


Gill Fishing have recently released an interesting new range of watersports apparel and we were particularly fond of the XPEL Tec Hoody, which we saw as being perfectly suited to kayak fishing. The XPEL fabric is what caught our eye here, and not just because of how light, soft and comfy it feels, but also because of it’s UV, Water, Oil, Blood, Mud, Stain and bacterial resistant qualities. The look good, feel good and perform great!

Lovig Pants

While we’re talking about highly suitable kayak fishing apparel it would be remiss of us to to make mention of version 3 of our Lovig Kayak Fishing Pants. Fully waterproof to the tip of your toes, these pants allow you to launch the kayak and stay dry doing it, which always helps to get you off to a good start. V3 of the Lovig Kayak Fishing Pants have a water resistant fly, which has been included by popular demand.

BerleyPro have updated some of their most popular products recently, with their new jig buckets at the top of the list. Most often used to add lure storage and management utility to Hobie kayaks (in place of the standard mesh pockets most Hobie’s come with) the new designs offer a smoother finish and design and is available in two widths, 25mm or 45mm

BP1220-BerleyPro-Jig Bucket 45mm Edition

BerleyPro Bumper Bros have also been incredibly popular. Bumper Bros add reinforcing at the bow and or stern of a kayak and go a long way to mitigating wear and tear on the hull. Bumper Bros are currently available for the Passport, Compass, Outback, Revo 13, Pro Angler and Lynx models.

Lovig Kayak Deck Cover Medium

On the topic of hull protection, our Lovig kayak deck covers have been selling exceptionally well ever since we got them. offering great quality at a great price, these are now the most popular kayak covers on the Aussie market. With three sizes on offer – small cover (Passport 10.5), medium cover (Passport 12, Compass, Outback) and Pro Angler 14 cover our covers will accommodate most models in the range.


Hobie’s Bimini sun shades have been a thing for a couple of seasons now and they always prove to be very popular at this time of year. As easy to set up and install as it is to fold up and pack away, this Bimini is lightweight, easy to store and does a great job of providing shade from the scorching sun.

Bixpy J2 Outboard Kit

Bixpy Motors are another huge success story for a lot of our recent customers. Of all the electric kayak motors we’ve been selling for the past few years, the Bixpy are by far the best option we’ve seen. Not only are Bixpy motors purpose built for propelling kayaks and SUPs (with various mounting solutions available), due to the simple remote control design they don’t rely on a head unit for operational controls, which has been the achillies heel for some of the cheaper motors we sell. This makes them more reliable in a greater variety of conditions. We’re hearing nothing but great reports on performance and efficiency, so Bixpy’s have become very easy to recommend to anyone looking to motorize their kayak

Hobie Kick-Up MirageDrives 2021

Hobie’s new Kick Up MirageDrives are a highly sought after item, due largely to the piece of mind offered in the new kick up fin system. Unlike all previous Miragedrives, the Kick-Up variants offer a fin mast design that allows the fin to collapse on impact, which significantly reduces the likelihood of bent masts and resulting fatigue.

There are two new Kick Up MirageDrives available. The MD180 KU type is the more popular of the two because of it’s ability to pedal backwards, but we have an even softer spot in our hearts for the new Kick Up Glide Tech drive. Although not capable of pedaling in reverse, its simpler design does offer smoother overall performance, greater durability and dependability and comes at a significantly lower price point.

If any of our suggestions above haven’t given you any inspiration may we suggest an SLH Gift Voucher as a get out of jail free card. Although our gift vouchers cannot be redeemed online, they can be used in-store, or over the phone.

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