Converting Old Hobie MirageDrives into Newer Versions

There are numerous versions of Hobie MirageDrives out in the wild now and most of them can be converted to be compatible with newer upgraded components. Original V1 drives can be converted to GT spec. V2 & GT can be converted to MD180 and MD180 can be converted to MD180 KU. Its even possible to convert an original GT drive into a GT Kick Up drive.

Note: when converting MirageDrives with upgraded components special attention needs to be paid when setting chain tension. Refer to our article on Miragedrive chain tension for more info

V1 to GT Upgrade Kit

It is possible to convert an old version 1 drive with newer Glide Tech components so that the drive runs smoother and is compatible with the new and improved V2/GT threaded fin mast system. Hobie have a V1 to GT MD Drum Upgrade Kit for doing exactly this, which includes the components shown below

MirageDrive Upgrade-Kit

Converting original GT to GT Kick-UP

It is also possible to convert an original Glide Tech drive to a Kick-Up fin system by replacing the sprockets with the new GTKU sprocket type, and a Kick Up Fin kit. Note, this will only work smoothly on one of the later spine versions (pictured below).

MirageDrive Spine V2 GT

The only potential issue we see with this modification is that because the dimensions of this spine are different to the actual Kick-Up spine, the fins don’t protrude quite as far down. This means that if you do hit something with the fins and they collapse, the trailing edge of the fin will probably hit the hull. The fins are only rubber, however, so we doubt this is likely to cause any issues to the fin or the hull.


Converting V2 / GT to MD180

It is also possible to convert a V2 or original GT MirageDrive with a bunch of components in order to turn it into an MD180 drive. You can add reverse pedal-power to your V2 or GT MirageDrive by replacing the required components to give it full MD180 functionality.

Hobie Miragedrive V2-GT to MD180 Upgrade Kit


Converting MD180 ARc to MD180 KU

You can also convert a MD180 Arc Drive with the newer Kick-Up fin system using the components listed below. Note: this upgrade only works with MD180 drives that have Arc drive pedal cranks (slight curve and oval shaped cranks)

MD180 KU Upgrade Kit SLH