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Power Pole Micro & Spike

Includes Micro Driver Unit and 8.5ft Spike. This all-electric unit is extremely quiet and easy to use. It works with a ¾” spike to stop and anchor your boat or kayak at the push of a button. 

It functions as a conventional stakeout pole or shallow water anchor without having to manually deploy it yourself. When the wind and water are moving, you won’t be. With Power-Pole’s signature strong hold, the Micro gives you a smooth stop on the spot in seconds. Whether you’re anchored in sand, rock or mud - it’s swift, silent, and secure. Ideal for use in small boats and fishing kayaks. 

Note: MowerPole Micro & Spike kits are too large for Australia Post to handle and thus not available for purchase online. We can have them delivered by courier by request to Victorian customers only $50.00 courier cost flat rate. Contact us to arrange delivery

  • Spike & Motor (only) Part# 72020083
  • Price: $1169.00 

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