Current Specials and Clearance Lines at SLH

SLH have acquired a couple of the Hobie Outbacks that were used by finalists of the Hobie fishing series in the recent finale. Dune and Papaya available.

*SOLD*We're retiring our Blue Revolution Demo model and releasing it into the world with a new paddle and switched the GT drive with a Miragedrive 180 version. We've had her for a while (2015 model) but she really hasn't had a lot of use in that time and has a heck of a lot of life left in her yet. Will suit anyone in the market for a smooth operating recreational kayak or speedy fishing kayak that doesn't have the budget to get a new one.

*SOLD*Scotty has reluctantly decided to sell off his Pro Angler 14 which he's been using almost exclusively for tournament fishing. Despite the typical wear & tear (scratches, scuffs etc) you'd expect to find on a 2015 model kayak, it's in perfect working order and will make a great investment for anyone planning to get busy in the Australian kayak fishing tournament scene.

*SOLD* In order to make room for more stock we have finally decided to offer our display Pro Angler 14 for sale. This eye-catching beauty is a one-of-a-kind, wrapped with a P51 Mustang inspired design.

This boat has served it's tour of duty in-store and is now free to settle into civilian / mercenary life. It has survived many close quarter skirmishes with staff and customers alike in it's time, but has never actually seen any action and thus come out the other side of this conflict completely unscathed, not a scratch! And now it's just itching to see battle for real. And it needs a pilot. $4400 (Thats not a misprint)

Zray Drift Kayak

The Zray Drift Inflatable kayak is a durable, rigid and versatile 3-chamber inflatable canoe-style kayak that can be used as a solo or tandem kayak. Reduced to clear!

SKU Zray-Drift

Newly added to SLH's range of inflatable stand up boards, Z-Ray’s R1 Racing SUP is built for speed and performance without compromising on stability and control. At 12' 6" long, it’s designed to slice through the water quickly and efficiently. At 30” wide and 6” thick it ensures stability for Racers and Boarders of all skill levels.

The patented drop-stitch construction provides strength and rigidity, while a central fin at the rear and a mini-fin at the bow provide maximum control without compromising on speed. The high capacity air pump and the backpack with padded straps make it easy to carry and use this high performance SUP anywhere! Free Shipping anywhere in Australia!


Larger super comfortable fishing kayak with great storage and multiple fitting options.  An awesome big water kayak for the serious angler spending long sessions on the water.  The paddler's deck chair is adjustable and sits above the deck allowing you to stay dry. The chair locates into two different height positions allowing for low position stability or extra height to see into the water.  With a 13' waterline and built in rudder control the Maverick 13 will glide quickly, track perfectly and turn freely.  A wider beam allows for good stability and the option of standing up without over compromising the hull speed.
Price: $1199.00 $999.00

The Kahawai is a smooth, efficient and comfortable midsize fishing kayak that is perfect for most situations.  With a 12' length and built in rudder control the Kahawai 12 has good space, will paddle quickly, track perfectly and turn freely. Great for inshore and offshore excursions. A molded in catch tank provides neat storage for fish and baits coupled with a clip down lid with mounting options for additional accessories or a fish finder. Our new model features a deluxe raised seat!
Price: $899.00 $799.00

We're having a clearance on some sailing gear. 90% of items on this list are at cost or below. Please contact us to inquire on postage/courier cost on items, or just drop in. All prices are each unless otherwise stated

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