Hobie Kayak Buyers Guide 2024

It’s been a few years since we wrote up a Hobie Mirage Kayaks buyers guide and there have been some notable revisions on certain models as well as a few additions to the range since, so it’s worth revisiting now in 2024. There’s quite a selection of models available and selecting your ideal ride is […]

Hobie MirageDrive Versions Explained

The revolutionary and highly innovative MirageDrive propulsion system was introduced to the world of paddle sports in the early 2000’s and has led the pedal-powered kayaking scene ever since. The MirageDrive has undergone several iterations over time, refining and enhancing components for increased performance, reliability and features. Because of this there are now numerous versions […]

All About Lovig Kayak Covers

SLH designed Lovig Kayak Covers to fill a gaping hole in the market, aiming for functionality and high quality at an affordable price. While a couple of our covers were specifically designed for certain Hobie kayak models, our Universal Kayak Covers will fit a myriad of sit-on-top kayaks as well. Crafted from durable UV and […]

Bixpy Motors Usage & Care Tips

Bixpy Motors and Batteries are high quality and high performance propulsion devices for canoes, kayaks & SUPs that are built to last. However, with a little care and maintenance you’ll greatly improve the lifespan of both battery and motor. Bixpy Motor Maintenance Fortunately, the required maintenance is minimal. If commonly used in salt water a […]

Hobie Idler Cable Info

Hobie MirageDrive Idler Cables serve to balance the load over the chains & cables and helps to take some of the pressure off the chains. For this reason it’s important that they are set at the correct tension (not so loose that it is barely doing it’s job and not so tight that it’s creating […]

Converting Old Hobie MirageDrives into Newer Versions

There are numerous versions of Hobie MirageDrives out in the wild now and most of them can be converted to be compatible with newer upgraded components. Original V1 drives can be converted to GT spec. V2 & GT can be converted to MD180 and MD180 can be converted to MD180 KU. Its even possible to […]

How to maintain waterproof apparel

Wind and waterproof breathable fabrics (such as Gore-Tex and the like) as used in Lovig Waterproof Apparel as well as most outdoor recreational garments are high performance technical materials that will perform better and last longer with a bit of care and attention. This is the case with Lovig Waterproof Pants & Jackets. About Water […]

Miragedrive GT KU Vs MD180 KU

Hobie’s revolutionary MirageDrive pedal propulsion system has come a long way since they were first introduced to the world with the Hobie Mirage Kayak series. Virtually every component (save for the pedal straps) have undergone numerous revisions over the years, more so that official version numbers would have you believe. Right now Hobie offer 3 […]

All About BerleyPro Bumper Bro Kayak Keel Guards

BerleyPro BumperBro Kayak Keel Guards are one of our best selling products, so it makes sense that the BerleyPro head honcho and lead engineer Marty Gittens has feverishly been adding new Bumper Bros to the range since inception. As a Hobie kayak specialist we only carry the models suited to Hobies. There’s a Bumper Bro […]

Hobie Compass Buyers Guide

The Hobie Compass has been our best selling fishing kayak since it launched back in 2018 and this is largely due to how many boxes it ticks and how well suited it is for fishing our local waterways. It’s ability to hold it’s own in a variety of conditions makes it a great fit for […]

ZRay Inflatable SUP FAQ

We tend to get a lot of good questions from customers about our ZRay Inflatable SUPs and have rounded up the most frequently asked to provide answers here

Hobie Kayak Delivery Options from SLH

Due to the size, weight and appendages involved with Hobie kayaks, delivery around the country can be tricky, which is why we only offer ‘click & collect’ as a shipping option in our shopping cart (Victorian residents only).

Hobie Support Links

If you’re looking for support information on any Hobie kayak, catamaran or SUP, you will find a wealth of useful support & technical info on Hobie’s official support pages.

International Shipping Info

We are often asked if we sell online to international customers. We do ship internationally regularly (via DHL), but there are limitations on parcel size and weight.

Hobie MirageDrive Information Round Up

Hobie’s Pedal-powered propulsion system, otherwise known as the MirageDrive, is a unique device that is a bit of an enigma to many, largely because there’s really nothing else like it.

How to Service a Hobie Miragedrive

If you’ve maintained your Miragedrive with reasonable regularity you shouldn’t need to have your Miragedrive serviced as often as you may otherwise imagine. 

How to Repair a Bent Miragedrive Mast

If you have an older MirageDrive without the new Kick-Up fin system, sooner or later you’re probably going to pedal into something and the worst case scenario in those situations is usually a bent fin mast.

How to Tune Classic MirageDrive Fins

Looser fins help the Hobie Miragedrive operate more easily. This is considered to be the best setting for the majority of users. Additional tension can be added by the user to tune-in their desired resistance or cadence.

Tips on Pedaling the Hobie Miragedrive

Truth be told pedaling a Hobie kayak couldn’t really be much simpler. Its easier than riding a bike and there’s not any specific techniques that you need to adhere to in order to get good performance.

How to Fix Twist ‘n Stow Rudder Up / Down

Stiff twist action on the up and down rudder controls is usually very simple to address. If you’re having problems pulling the twist and stow rudder up and down on your Hobie kayak, first check to make sure you’re not trying to pull on the rudder ‘up’ line when the ‘down’ line is cleated in […]

How to Adjust Hobie Kayak Rudder Lines

Whether it’s because your lines are loose or you need to re-align the rudder blade, at some point you’re probably going to need to re-adjust the rudder lines on your Hobie kayak. This video below discusses the differences between the rudder systems on the new Outback, Compass and Pro Angler models. For a full description on how to […]

How does water get inside a Hobie kayak hull?

It is normal for a little bit of water to get inside the hull on any sit-on top kayak (there are various ways this can occur, explained below) and this is nothing to be worried about. However if there are large amounts of water getting into the hull further investigation and action is necessary. The […]

Which Wheel Cart Should You Get for your Hobie Kayak

Almost as important as choosing the right Hobie kayak model for your needs is figuring out which kayak trolley system will work the best with your kayak. There’s a few things to think about and a number of options to choose from. Lets start with the variations available that are offered by Hobie and we’ll […]

Kayak Car-topping Systems

When it comes to loading kayaks onto roof racks we’ve got quite a few tricks up our sleeve. There is no single silver bullet solution when it comes to car-topping – different kayak model & car model types as well as various roof rack arrangements command a need for various loading options. In this video […]

Hobie Island Maintenance Guide

Like all Hobie kayaks, the Adventure and Tandem Island sailing kayaks are hardy boats. As with any boat, however performance is always going to be optimal if the craft is in tip-top condition. A well maintained boat is also much less likely to suffer from inadvertent breakages and failure. Island trimaran pedal and sail powered […]

How to Maintain a Hobie kayak Twist ‘n Seal Hatch

Maintaining Hobie Twist & Stow hatches for optimal performance is a matter of cleaning and lubrication. The Twist & Seal hatches on Hobie kayaks will last longer and perform their task a lot better if properly maintained, which is pretty simple to accomplish It is good practice to keep the hatch seal as well as the […]

How to install a Hobie Miragedrive Correctly

If you’ve recently purchased a Hobie pedal kayak (especially true of earlier models that did not have alignment pins built into the spine) it is worth knowing how to insert it into the drive well correctly. If you do it incorrectly, not only is it possible to lose the drive (in the event of a […]

How to Repair a Ding in a Hobie Kayak

If you have found an inadvertent dint or ding in the hull of your kayak don’t panic – there are several ways you can go about smoothing out a ding in your Hobie kayak. We’ve got a few suggestions on how to go about doing it. Method 1: Boiling water Hobie have posted an insightful […]

How to Repair Scratches in a Hobie Hayak Hull

With just a little effort you can reduce the impact of scratches and with further effort you can usually get rid of them completely Using a heat-gun (or a good quality hair-drier might do) hold steady heat onto the scratches just long enough for the sharp lips of the gouges to melt back upon themselves […]

Will the new Vantage CT Seat fit into my old Hobie Kayak Hull

We have received many questions from curious customers who want to know if they can fit the new CT Vantage seat (introduced in 2015 models) into earlier model Hobie kayak hulls. We regret to inform you that no, this cannot be done, as the hull had to be remolded to suit. This is a shame (because we […]

Hobie Lowrance-Ready Transducer Scupper Maintenance

There’s not a whole lot of maintenance required to keep the transducer scupper performing as intended, however it is a good idea to flush out the scupper every now and then. When launching and landing on a shoreline the transducer compartment may get sand or mud inside the cover. The debris flush out easily after […]

How to Look After Your Hobie Eclipse Board

The following information was provided to us from Hobie on how best to look after the new Hobie Eclipse Paddleboards Every Hobie Eclipse board is master-crafted. The ACX construction – Advanced Composite Epoxy – gleams with a high gloss finish and beautiful graphics. Like all hand-crafted products, each board is unique. The differences from one […]